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Control Bamboo From Spreading: Keep Bamboo In Check

Once you have grasped the nature of bamboo, maintaining it at a healthy level is relatively easy.

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How To Keep Your Bamboo In Check And Avoid War With The Neighbors!

Author: Dean Caporella

Growing bamboo for the first time requires a little due diligence however, once you have grasped the nature of bamboo, maintaining it at a healthy level is relatively easy.

Growing bamboo is basically like building a house; you want to make sure the foundation is solid otherwise you'll encounter problems later on. It's placement in a garden is important. Generally, they enjoy full sun and in the initial growing phase, require some attention via watering, fertilizing and protection from competing weeds.

Runners And Clumpers

One aspect of growing this plant that people often overlook is the nature of bamboo: is it a running variety or a clumper. If you live in suburbia or a high density housing area then runners may not be a good idea unless you have a sound knowledge of containing them. Running varieties can cause havoc because of their ability to produce runners below the surface which can travel a great distance from the main base of the plant.

Running Varieties

Running bamboo is ideal in creating fence breaks or privacy barriers between neighbors and containing them, following sound planting principles, is achievable. Containment barriers such as large pots are the safest methods but for in-ground planting, then you'll need to build a special barrier around the plant. There are various methods which involve digging 2-3 feet deep around the area of the plant base.

Lining the wall of the barrier is often open to plenty of conjecture with plastic, concrete or metal used. Once the barrier is in place the bamboo is then planted. How effective is this against the spread of underground runners? Again, it's debatable. You'll get arguments for and against and may have to perform extra maintenance work away from the plant such as keeping surrounding sections dry.


With clumpers, the restriction barrier isn't required in most cases although some experienced gardeners will install lighter barriers just to play it safe. The root structure requires plenty of room to move so bear in mind, if you want the plant to reach maximum height, then be sure not to place it in too restrictive a base.

Bamboo can be planted at most times of the year. If you live in a cold climate, then make sure the planting takes place during the warmer months. This will give the plant plenty of time to mature and become established before the cold hits. Plant it too late and it won't, in all probability, survive the cold.

Planting bamboo requires a little homework initially but don't worry, it isn't "rocket science." Your bamboo garden center should be able to provide you with all the necessary instructions to negotiate your first planting venture. One more thing, you will need to check with your local government authority to ascertain whether planting bamboo is allowed. There are restrictions in some areas, particularly with the running varieties.

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